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My favorite thing to do is mix Bold Grape Zeal Wellness with Zeal Vanilla Creme Protein. We call it a 'Purple Cow' and it's delicious!Devonne_Taylor_Davis



I took the 90 day challenge in March 2012 and in those 90 days lost 30 pounds and 11 inches! I love the energy and life that I have back!! Jared took the 90 day challenge and lost 32 lbs and then another 10 after that so a total of 42 pounds! He was a size 40 and went to a 36! He has so much energy and an active life style back!! We love sharing what Zeal has done for us!

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I went from 17% to 14% body fat with Zeal. It gives me energy before my workouts and I recover incredibly fast after training with the protein shakes!



Zeal for Life is the complete weight management solution
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Zeal Wellness is an all-in-one natural nutritional drink. Zeal Wellness is a synergistic blend of whole food concentrates providing an excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that enrich, restore, and protect your body at the cellular level.

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Dr. Scott VanLue is a member of the Zurvitas Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Scott VanLue, MD

The Zeal Weight Management Program was developed and approved by a team of scientists, formulators and medical doctors.

The Scientific Advisory Board

Zeal Weight Management

Many people lose weight with Zeal Wellness alone, but we've designed the Zeal Weight Management Program for maximum weight control. With Zeal Wellness at the core, we've added Zeal Cleanse for digestive health, Zeal Burn as a metabolic accelerator and the Zeal Advanced Formula Protein Shakes as a great snack or meal replacement.

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  • Zeal Wellness
  • Zeal Burn
  • Zeal Protein

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